Interviews with Masters Shi Yan Ti 释延提 and Shi Yan Xiang 释延向法师, conducted by a Chinese newspaper (中希时报 China Greece Times / 希中网 www.cgw.gr) in Greece. The interviews took place during the stay of Master Shi Yan Ti, May 17-20th 2017 at the Shaolin Temple Greece upon invitation by Master Shi Yan Xiang. Many Thanks to  the journalist 蔡玲 Lynn Cai. Amituofo!











Master Shi Yan Ti: The Meaning of Life from NOTHING till the END.

Excellence Reporter February 15 2017.








Da Shaolin a matera.  - Voce Spettaculo February 13th 2017.






Meditation Seminar by the lake, near Haarlem, Netherlands March 13th 2016, published in 'Haarlem Nieuws NL'.

"Oosterse meditatie aan de Oosterplas"

Shaolin Yanti, the new voice of the Temple. Feature in Budo International Magazine November 2015.

Chinese Kung Fu Documentary Production was awarded the Silver Medal at the New York International Film & Television Festival 2014 for "Secrets of Shaolin" with Jason Scott Lee -