Shaolin Diaries

 - December 2016: 

Shaolin Kung Fu and QiGong seminars in Palermo, and Kung Fu on the beach. The Sicily Shaolin Family keeps growing.










 - Early October 2016:  - The Silk Road -

Walking Meditation in the Gobi desert near DunHuang, China. 
The Silk Road is well known. It connected China and the Western world in ancient times. 
Master XuanZhuang went to India via this road.
We - in the present time and life, re-walk part of the Silk Road in the desert at DunHuang, to experience life and find yourself in any situation. Five days living in the desert.
Whole Life is just a Moment...






June 2nd - 14th 2016: Visiting Los Angeles, California and the Shaolin Temple Cultural Center USA founded and run by Shi Yanxu to see my Shaolin brothers. It was a great time.








- February 8th 2016: HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Now and then. Four friends studying together in Singapore in 2009, now dispersed in different parts of the world. Meeting at the Shaolin Temple with the Abbot for New Years Day 2016. Without knowing it, we all took the same positions again as in the picture taken 7 years earlier in Singapore. From left to right: YanTi, YanLi, Shi YongXin, YanDi and YanZheng.

I wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year!


More fond memories of study time with friends in Singapore 2009 ---->










 - December 15th 2015: the Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Azimov, and the Kyrgyz Prime Minister, Temir Sariyev, visited the Shaolin Temple. We welcomed them and gave a performance. The Uzbekistan Prime Minister told us that his children also studied kungfu in China and he hopes that one day they can come to the Shaolin Temple for studying.
The Kyrgyz Prime Minister said after the show that he has often heard about kungfu from other people and saw it on TV. But now being there and witnessing it with his own eyes was truly amazing. He hopes that one day, Shaolin kungfu and Shaolin Culture can come to his country too. He also commented that China is a great Country with a great history.




 - November 19th -22nd 2015: I was invited by the government from guilin to attend a conference,











 - November 12th 2015: on 12th /11/2015 , chinese calender is 1st OCT , its a very special day, people will go to the cemetery for death people who relatived to the family , they will present flowers , fruits , candles, incense, meat etc.. and also will burn the (fake money ) to the death people , To commemorate them , in shaolin we did a ceremony for all the masters in history , wish them turn their life circle and back to us again







 - October 31st 2015: with students visit Tsz Shan Monastery 慈山寺 in HongKong , had nice talking with the Abbot master DongHong,  This temple is very famous , built by one of the richest person in the world -Li Ka-shing 李嘉诚, if people want visit here must take an appointment and have a ticket to go .








 - October 24th 2015: I had a seminar at LongMing Temple , in ZheJiang Province, teaching zen , shaolin culture , shaolin kungfu and qigong.










 - October 13th 2015: At the Chao Feng Temple in GuiYang City, the capital of GuiZhou Province. Photos are some of my monk friends and disciples.










- August 29th 2015: Today i am here in Marina di Ragusa, released dogs and fish.. there are four dogs have found their lovely owner and there are octopus , black shells and Sea snails back to the sea - Mediterranean Sea. i hope and wish them have a new life and to tell their friends inside the sea to help all the refugees ... wish all lives have nice lifetime.








 - August 3rd 2015: Today is a special day for Guanyin. We did a ceremony in Puzhao temple, and we bought fish, went to the Yellow River, then release them, let them free... fish are happy to be back in the river and we are happy for them.